Untold Millions by Laura Z. Hobson (1982)

Untold Millions by Laura Z. Hobson

From the 1982 Harper & Row edition of Untold Millions: This novel by Laura Z. Hobson takes place in New York, the 1920s: Jossie Stone, just starting out in advertising, and Rick Baird, a married man with a family in Paris, a would-be novelist, a man with constant money troubles, falls madly in love and wildly into debt.

Rick’s gusto for living beyond his means is perfectly matched by Jossie’s ability to manage extra work, but what a force money is in their life — the earning of it, the struggle for more, and the fear of not having enough.

As Jossie fights to make her life with Rick work — supporting him as he writes, finding sudden cash for the inevitable emergencies he manages to create, developing her freelance work, and finally, beginning a career in journalism — she learns how much she’s able to do, how resourceful and talented she truly is. Insight, self-knowledge, above all, that elusive thing, maturity.

Money and success can’t buy it, nobody can give it to you. But if you reach it, it’s worth everything — untold millions, and forever.

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Untold Millions is Laura Zametkin Hobson’s twelfth book; she is especially remembered for Gentleman’s Agreement, The Tenth Month, and Consenting Adult.  But Untold Millions, a warm, touching and beautiful love story, is unlike any other novel she has written, and proves once again that Laura Z. Hobson is a master storyteller, a novelist of fine perceptions and great flair.

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