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Self-Searching Quotes from Journal of a Solitude by May Sarton

Journal of a Solitude by May Sarton is this multi-faceted writer’s 1973 follow-up to Plant Dreaming Deep, in which she continues her search for self.

Published in 1973, Journal of Solitude would later become a key text in women’s studies courses. Like her other books, both memoirs and novels, this one explores isolation, solitude, love, relationships, sexual orientation, success, failure, gratitude, love of nature, the seasons, and the struggles of a creative life. She deals with aging and illness in her later memoirs Recovering, At Seventy, At Eighty Two, and After the Stroke. Read More→

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Miss Bianca by Margery Sharp (1962)

From the original review of Miss Bianca (book #2  in The Rescuers series) by Margery Sharp in The Anniston Star, November, 1962: What a joy it is, in the harsh literary wilderness of earnest tragedy and frantic sophistication, to find an  occasional fairy tale, all delight and whimsy and otherworldliness!

Margery Sharp gave us this pleasure several years ago with her wonderful little book, The Rescuers, the stirring tale of the Mouse Prisoners’ Aid Society and its daring rescue of a Scandinavian poet from the gloomy dungeons of the notorious Black Castle. 

Now the same mouse heroes return in triumph once more in Miss Bianca, a continuation of the hair-raising adventures as friends of  the oppressed.


Meeting Miss Bianca in the first chapter

“What a picture she made, as she stood modestly waiting on the platform for the applause to subside! — her coat ermine-white, her long dark lashes fluttering over her huge brown eyes — round her neck a very fine silver chain — her whole tiny, exquisite figure thrown into graceful relief against a background of potted palms!

But beneath that composed exterior her heart was in fact beating like a very small sledgehammer, for Miss Bianca had been drawn into public life against her will …”

. . . . . . . . . .

The rescuers by Margery SharpThe rescuers by Margery Sharp

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. . . . . . . . . .

Rescue of Patience goes forth

This time lovely Miss Bianca, an aristocratic white mouse in a silver chain,

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