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Quotes by Rebecca West on Art, Experience, & Human Nature

Rebecca West (1892 –1983) was a British novelist, essayist, and journalist, considered one of the sharpest intellects of the twentieth century. She was widely praised for her elegant prose, sharp wit, and insight into the human condition. This sampling of quotes by Rebecca West on art, experience, and human nature reflect the kind of thinking for which she became respected.

West was a woman of many talents from her early career on — she studied to be an actress. worked as a journalist, and was active in the woman’s suffrage movement.  In her work as a journalist she wrote essays and reviews for numerous publications including New York Herald Tribune, The Daily Telegraph, The New Republic and New York American. 

Her first novel, The Return of the Soldier, was published in 1918. This was followed by many more works of weighty fiction and nonfiction. Read More→

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Virginia Woolf Quotes on Living and Writing

Virginia Woolf  (1882 – 1941) produced groundbreaking twentieth-century works of literature. In her early career she taught English at Morely College, reviewed books for the Times Literary Supplement and wrote scores of articles, criticism, and essays.

Woolf’s  literary genius was fully realized despite debilitating battles with mental illness, including severe breakdowns. It’s now believed that she suffered from bipolar disorder. 

She labored over her first novel (The Voyage Out, 1915) for more than seven years, after which came a steady stream of novels and essay collections.

Virginia Woolf was not only a brilliant writer; she and her husband Leonard Woolf founded The Hogarth Press, for which she became an editor and published her own work as well as renowned authors like Vita Sackville-West. Here are some of her quotes on living and writing, displaying both the self-consciousness and wisdom for which she was known. Read More→

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