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Quotes by George Eliot, Author of Middlemarch

George Eliot (1819 –1880) was the masculine pen name of Mary Ann Evans, the esteemed British author of Victorian-era novels. Her writing was political and creative, inspired by art, psychology, and current events.

Her novels were critically acclaimed and sold well upon publication. From Adam Bede (1859) through Daniel Deronda (1876), George Eliot was at her most productive. These books along with The Mill on the Floss, Silas MarnerRomola, and Middlemarch are considered some of the finest and most important literary works in British literature.

In addition to these and other novels, Eliot also wrote poems, short stories, translations, and essays. Here is a selection of thoughtful quotes by George Eliot from several of her novels as well as her letters. Read More→

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