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Quotes from Eleanor Estes’ Children’s Books

Eleanor Estes was a children’s book author/illustrator, a librarian, and a recipient of the Newbery Medal. Many of her stories are based on her personal childhood. experiences. Her first book, The Moffatswas published in 1941, followed closely by The Middle Moffat, and Rufus M

The Moffats series was an immediate success, both at home and abroad, semi-autobiographical tales of the author’s own childhood. Another of her classics is The Hundred Dresses (1944)Here are quotes from Eleanor Estes’ classic books for kids.

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Quotes by Jessie Redmon Fauset

Jessie Redmon Fauset was a writer of the Harlem Renaissance literary movement, a student and teacher of languages, an editor for The Crisis magazine. 

She also contributed her own writings — editorials, poetry, short stories, translations from the French of writings by black authors from Europe and Africa, as well as accounts of her worldwide travels. Such was her influence that Fauset has long been considered one of the “midwives” of the Harlem Renaissance literary movement.  Read More→

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