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The Vagabond by Colette (1910)

The Vagabond (Translated from the original French, La Vagabonde) by prolific French author Colette (Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette), is a 1910 novel telling the story of Renée Néré. Taking place at the turn of the twentieth century, 33-year old Renée becomes a music hall dancer in Paris after divorcing a cruel and faithless husband.

Not surprisingly, this narrative is based on Colette’s years as a music hall performer and actual experiences with her first husband. The nefarious Willy famously compelled her to crank out the Claudine stories, and then took credit for them. After Colette broke free of her toxic marriage, her spirit soared. She worked as a journalist and moonlighted as a music hall performer, all the while continuing to write fiction. Read More→

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How should I deal with reviews of my work?

Dear Literary Ladies,
My first novel is finally coming out, and I’m thrilled! But I’m also concerned about how to handle reviews from critics as well as readers. It’s hard to ignore reviews these days, with everything on the web and in one’s face 24/7. Any words of wisdom before my book hits the shelves?

If one has sought the publicity of print, and sold one’s wares in the open market, one has sold to the purchasers the right to think what they choose about one’s books; and the novelist’s best safeguard is to put out of his mind the quality of praise or blame bestowed on [her] by reviewers and readers, and to write only for that dispassionate and ironic critic who dwells within the breast.

Edith WhartonA Backward Glance, 1934

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