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Women’s Writing Conferences and Retreats in the U.S.

Why should you consider attending women’s writing conferences and retreats (including, of course, women-identified writers)? Pretty much the same reason a lot of us enjoy women-only reading groups. Dudes just bring a different energy to the room, and sometimes we just need to be in a setting where our voices are sure to be heard, where we feel supported and valued.

There are lots of benefits to attending writer’s conferences, not the least of which is networking. You’ll meet writers in all stages of their careers; learn to pitch yourself and your work efficiently, hone your skills, get constructive critiques, and more. It’s a rare attendee that doesn’t leave a conference feeling energized and inspired. Read More→

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Grammarly is a Writer’s Tool You Can’t Do Without!

Dorothy Parker famously said, “I can’t write five words but that I change seven.” The young Anaïs Nin complained that her works lacked concentration and clearness. “I drift into vague visions and abstract forms and above all superfluities.”

While it’s true that there are few things that make one a better writer than the practice of writing itself, there’s at least one way to improve the craft and correctness of one’s writing that’s almost like having a live-in copy editor cleaning up your prose as you go along. Grammarly is a writer’s tool you can’t do without — and I honestly can’t believe I’ve been doing without it for these many years! Read More→

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How to Find a Literary Agent: A Writer’s Guide

When did literary agents become a must-have to get through the door of traditional publishers? Many of the authors we celebrate on this site, if not most, didn’t have one. They did it the old-fashioned way, by submitting directly to editors, or getting a referral through a fellow writer. But things have changed since the days when the Brontë sisters were rejected by many of London’s top publishers, and even well into the twentieth century, when an agent just wasn’t a necessity.

But things have changed. The big publishers have consolidated and the mid-sized and smaller ones have proliferated. There’s more opportunity, but the competition is much stiffer. Everyone and their cousin wants to be an author. If you’re a writer determined to go the traditional publishing route, agents can be extremely helpful, and sometimes completely necessary, to achieve that goal. Here we’ll explore how to find a literary agent. Read More→

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