Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes (1951)

Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes

From the 1951 Harcourt, Brace edition of Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes:  Eleanor Estes has written a book with tenderness and humor — a family story in which children will find all the realities of their world, and adults will catch echoes of years gone by.

Who can resist the Pyes? There is Mrs. Pye, the youngest mother in the town of Cranberry; Mr. Pye, a famous bird man who is often called down to Washington for consultation (“Call in Mr. Pye” is a family byword); Rachel and Jerry, who see the world through fresh eyes and sometimes react surprisingly; Uncle Bennie, their real uncle though he is only three years old; Gramma and Grampa, and many delightful friends.

And there is Ginger, an “intellectual” puppy whom Jerry and Rachel buy with a hard-earned dollar. With the coming of Ginger, a mysterious stranger enters the children’s lives, and the only clue they have to his identity is that he wears a mustard yellow hat.

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The moffats 60th anniversary edition

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The most famous pup in all of Cranbury who learns tons of tricks, Ginger disappears on Thanksgiving Day — spirited away, the children feel sure, but the stranger in the yellow hat. After month of fruitless search, a chance gust of wind reveals the villain to Jerry and Rachel, Ginger returns home, and Uncle Bennie is the hero of the day.

Any book by this gifted author-artist is a real event, and the young readers who have taken The Moffats, The Middle Moffat, and Rufus M. to their hearts will equally love this unforgettable story. Ginger Pye received the Newbery Medal in 1952.

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How Ginger Pye begins …

Would Gracie-the-cat be jealous if the Pyes got another pet — a dog? That was what Jerry Pye wanted to know and what he was dreaming about as he sat with Rachel, his sister, on their little upstairs veranda. Gracie had belonged to the family for eleven years.

This was longer than Rachel, aged nine, or even Jerry, aged ten, had. She had been a wedding present to Mama, and she was known in the neighborhood as “the New York Cat.” Jerry was trying to imagine what Gracie’s feelings would be if the Pyes did get another pet — a dog.

The one thing Jerry wanted more than anything else in the world right now was a dog. Ever since he had seen the new puppies over in Speedys’ barn, he was not only more anxious than ever to have a dog, he was most anxious to have one of these Speedy puppies. He had the particular one picked out that he would most like to have as his own. This was not easy to do for they were all wonderful …

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