The Alpine Path by L.M. Montgomery (1917)

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The Alpine Path: The Story of My Career (1917) by L.M. Montgomery, description adapted from the 1974 edition, Fitzhenry and Whiteside, Canada:  Lucy Maud Montgomery, the creator of Anne of Green Gables, wrote this charming autobiographical memoir when she was in the middle of her career.

It is the most complete account she ever published of her childhood and early years as a writer. It originally appeared as a series of magazine articles in 1917, and this new edition is its first republication in any form.

Early Life on Prince Edward Island

L.M. Montgomery was born on November 30, 1874, in Clifton, Prince Edward Island. Her childhood was spent on the Island and her evocation of rural life there at the end of the 19th Century is extraordinarily attractive, moving and frequently humorous.

In describing her family and friends and surroundings she reveals the source of many of the people and places and incidents of her novels, and shows how she came to adapt them.

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The Alpine Path by Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Alpine Path: The Story of My Career on Amazon

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“The Alpine Path” of the title refers to the long climb she had to achieve success as a writer. She began in childhood, and never wavered in her resolve, as evidenced by this passage:

“At first I used to feel dreadfully hurt when a story or poem over which I had laboured and agonized came back, with one of those icy little rejection slips … But after a while I got hardened to it and did not mind. I only set my teeth and said, “I will succeed.”

I believe in myself and I struggled on alone, in secrecy and silence. I never told my ambitions and efforts and failures to any one. Down, deep down, under all discouragements and rebuff I know I would “arrive” some day.” (The Alpine Path, 1917)

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Her ambition was to become an accomplished professional writer—she never desired fame or greatness, and the remarkable success that came to her with the publication of Anne of Green Gables (which was rejected many times by publishers) and its sequels, and her other books, was the consequence of many years of hard steady work.

All those who have enjoyed the Anne books will be fascinated by this delightful background story by the author; anyone who knows Prince Edward Island will be delighted by her descriptions of the countryside and its people; no one who reads The Alpine Path can fail to be delighted and impressed by the personal appeal of L.M. Montgomery.

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L.M. Montgomery

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