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Dickey Chapelle: Photojournalist and War Correspondent

Dickey Chapelle (March 14, 1919 – November 4, 1965) was a pioneering American war correspondent and photojournalist who covered world conflicts from World War II to Vietnam.

Born Georgette Louise Meyer, she was fascinated by air travel throughout her childhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She renamed herself after the explorer Admiral Richard “Dickey” Bird.

Even as a child, Georgie Lou, as she was called, marched to her own drum. She was short and nearsighted, and always quirky and precocious. From a young age, she dreamed of flying planes. She was patriotic — always saluting the flag on her way to school. “I believed I could do anything I wanted to do, and I still believe it.” Read More→

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Caroline: Little House, Revisited by Sarah Miller

Caroline: Little House, Revisited by Sarah Miller is a captivating novel that illuminates one courageous, resilient, and loving pioneer woman as never before — Caroline Ingalls, “Ma” in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s beloved Little House books. 

For over 80 years, the Little House stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder have captivated generations of audiences. Caroline: Little House, Revisited is a fresh look at the classic Little House on the Prairie, told through the eyes of Caroline “Ma” Ingalls. In this novel, authorized by Little House Heritage Trust, Sarah Miller vividly recreates the beauty, hardship, and joys of the frontier in this dazzling work of adult historical fiction. Read More→

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