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Courageous Quotes by Katherine Mansfield

Katherine Mansfield (1888 – 1923) was a New Zealand-born  writer recognized for revolutionizing the modern English short story.

In 1908, firmly ensconced in the bohemian life in London, she began writing short stories. Her first collection was published in 1911 and reflected a certain disillusionment with her native country. Titled In a German Pension, it received favorable reviews and was praised for “acute insight” and “unquenchable humour.”

She was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1917 but continued to write on a daily basis until she could no longer do so by 1922.  Though she had many challenges in her short life, her grit and courage comes through in this selection of quotes by Katherine Mansfield. Read More→

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The Literary Friendship of George Eliot and Harriet Beecher Stowe

Mary Ann Evans, as she was born in 1819, did not always inspire friendship among fellow female novelists. Even before she found literary fame, the author better known by her pen-name George Eliot was firmly entrenched in a London social circle that was unconventional, intellectual, and predominantly male.

There was also the matter of her “living in sin” with critic and philosopher George Henry Lewes – a state that kept many “respectable ladies” away from her front door. When Elizabeth Gaskell, for instance, wrote to Eliot to praise her fiction, she couldn’t help lamenting that “I wish you were Mrs Lewes,” and did not pursue a closer relationship. Read More→

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