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Thoughtful Quotes by Kate Chopin

Kate Chopin (1850 – 1904) started her writing career with stories for magazines such as Vogue and The Youth Companion. She is known to be a foremother of twentieth century feminism and often wrote in a realist perspective, reflecting the setting of her time. Here we’ll sample some thoughtful quotes by Kate Chopin, best known for the 1899 short novel The Awakening.

Chopin went through much loss and hardship in her life and suffered from depression, which also influenced the themes in her work. She was quite prolific for some dozen years, producing numerous short stories and two other novels, as well as plays and poems. Read More→

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Philosophical Quotes by Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir (1908 – 1986) was a philosopher, political activist, novelist, and social theorist who grew up in France during the 20th century. She studied mathematics and philosophy at the Institut Catholique and the Sorbonne, becoming the youngest philosophy teacher in France at age twenty-one.

Her most impactful work, The Second Sex, was published in 1949 and made its mark as a manifesto for second wave feminism. Here are some philosophical quotes by Simone de Beauvoir to muse over. Read More→

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