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How Jane Austen Persued Her Literary Ambitions

Picture Jane Austen (1775 – 1817) in her country home, wearing her frilly cap, quill in hand. She writes, as mythology would have it, because the fires of genius compel her to, and she doesn’t give two cents about twopence, or any other denomination of financial remuneration.

She’s too genteel for that. Wrong! Austen was keenly interested in the business affairs that pertained to her literary ambitions, and cared deeply about becoming a published author.

Her father and brother, fortunately,  were behind her. That was almost a must for a woman of her time who wished to be published. Jane Austen wasn’t “discovered” in any major way; she and her family opted for some of the venues for publishing available to them, none all that attractive or profitable. Read More→

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