Crucial Conversations by May Sarton (1975)

Crucial conversations May Sarton

From the original review of Crucial Conversations by May Sarton in The Carroll Daily Times Herald, by Mary Ann Riley, May, 1975:  This reviewer found this an utterly satisfying novel because it has lovely language and many messages that tickle the intellect or warm the heart.

May Sarton is a poet of note, also a novelist; she has lived a long time, been a perceptive observer and is a wise woman.

The story is a far cry from blood and thunder and bizarre sexual encounters. Its format is a series of conversations between sensitive people about marriage and divorce and finding oneself. 

The familiarity of the material only makes this book seem to speak to each reader alone: to a wife, asking how free she is to pursue her own art within the confines of marriage; to a husband, asking if his work is his ‘real life’; to a friend of an estranged couple, probing his vicarious life; to a child of estranged parents and to a mother and mother-in-law, the challenge — must you take sides?

The subtitle may be as good a summary as any: ‘Told through a series of vivid personal confrontations, a novel about a woman who explodes out of a suffocating marriage.’ For a small book, this one has large implications for all thoughtful readers.

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Crucial Conversations by May Sarton

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