Curtain by Agatha Christie (1975)

Curtain by Agatha Christie cover

From the 1975 Dodd, Mead edition:  Hercule Poirot, one of Agatha Christie’s most enduring characters, made his debut in The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920). More than a generation later, he meets his final challenge in Curtain, in which he confronts the most fiendishly clever murderer of his long career.

The little English Village of Styles St. Mary provides the setting for both adventures. In his first case, Poirot investigates the baffling death of the mistress of Styles Court, the great manor house. Her returns there for his last adventure, to find that in the years since the Great War, Styles Court has degenerated into a “guest house.”

Poirot believes that among its residents is a psychopathic killer who has already claimed five victims — the “perfect criminal” whose technique is so ingenious that in each case, not only did he himself remain untouched by suspicion, but an innocent person stood trial for the murder.

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Poirot knows that “X” plans to strike again. But who will be the vicim? And who has been marked for the role of the “murderer”?

Curtain is vintage Christie — suspenseful, tantalizing, filled with breathtaking twists of plot, and reaching a climax that is as surprising as it is logical.

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