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Being Melanie: An Appreciation of Gone With the Wind’s Melanie Wilkes and the Woman Who Portrayed Her

Can some fictional characters feel like they are you? It’s a talented a fiction writer who can make you believe that she has written your story. And what if you’ve been named after a fictional heroine because your father loved her character traits? Then, it almost becomes like an umbilical cordlike connection that stays with you throughout your life. This is how I came to be named Melanie, after the character of Melanie Wilkes from Gone with the Wind.

My father had read the book in engineering college, when I was nowhere in the picture, and tucked away the name in his head for future use. After my birth, as is wont in families, many suggestions for names came up from family members.

The name Melanie encountered a bit of a resistance, being a Christian name in an Indian home, but my father stood his ground. Read More→

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