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Quotes from Gone With the Wind and More by Margaret Mitchell

There was likely no one more surprised than Margaret Mitchell (1900 – 1949) herself when her novel Gone With The Wind. It was an immediate smash hit upon its June, 1936 publication, and went on to be published in over forty countries, not to mention the faithful 1939 film. Here we’ll explore quotes from Gone With the Wind as well as other gems from the pen of Margaret Mitchell.

Margaret may have herself been partially the model for Scarlett O’Hara, one of the most complex and charismatic of literary heroines. 

For nine agonizing years, Margaret worked and reworked the massive story, sometimes typing, sometimes scribbling by hand. The manuscript piled up here and there, on desks, in drawers, on closet shelves. She showed friends bits and pieces, but never the entire work. Perhaps no one was as amazed by its phenomenal success as its author. Read More→

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4 Prequels and Sequels to Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

If you’ve read Margaret Mitchell’s 1,000-plus page magnum opus multiple times but can’t enough of it, consider exploring these prequels and sequels to Gone With the Wind. They expand on the stories of the complicated characters who have gripped the imagination for decades, ever since the book was first published in 1936.

GWTW had already been made a selection of Book of the Month Club, when it burst on the scene and advance sales were remarkable for a first novel by such an unknown author, particularly for a book of this length.

The U.S. was still gripped by the Great Depression, and the public evidently needed some diversion. It’s hard to argue that the book was an instant publishing phenomenon.

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