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Sylvia Plath’s Suicide Note: Death Knell, or Cry for Help?

It may be surprising that the iconic poet Sylvia Plath, who wrote extensively and evocatively of death and suicide in her poetry, left a note of only four words before taking her own life. A debate has stirred ever since — was Sylvia Plath’s suicide note a death knell, or a cry for help? 

Sylvia Plath’s note simply said “Please call Dr. Horder” — along with this doctor’s phone number. Could a slip of paper bearing these four words even be considered a suicide note at all? For whose eyes was  it intended?

When Sylvia Plath committed suicide in February of 1963, it wasn’t the first time she had tried to take her own life. Ten years earlier, she overdosed on pills in the cellar of her mother’s house. And the summer before she died, she drove her car into a river. Her suicide left many questions unanswered. Read More→

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