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Quotes by George Sand on Life, Love, and Work

George Sand (1804 – 1876) was a French author known equally for challenging gender roles and her scandalous love life as for her vast literary output. Sand managed to write some seventy novels, not to mention countless other works in other genres, including essays, plays, and journalism. All the while, she conducted innumerable love affairs.

Indiana (1832) Lélia (1833), Mauprat (1837), Consuelo (1843), and Le Meunier d’Angibault (1845) are among her best-known novels. Autobiographical works such as Elle et Lui, about her affair with Musset, were also part of her literary output.

Her politics extended to the publishing of her own newspaper around the time of Revolution of 1848 to share her socialist views. Independent, creative, and confident, her larger-than-life persona left an inspiring legacy for women writers and strivers who came after her. Here are a slew of quotes by George Sand, a woman ahead of her time. Read More→

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