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Quotes by P.L. Travers, Author of Mary Poppins

P.L. Travers (1899 – 1966) found inspiration for her writing as an avid reader of fairy tales and mythology. It’s no surprise, then, that she created the magical nanny, Mary Poppins (1934). After the original Mary Poppins book (always the most successful), there were several sequels, and of course, the famous 1964 Disney musical film.

The original Mary Poppins books were darker and more subversive than the Disney-fied version. And the film Saving Mr. Banks, depicting the making of Mary Poppins, starred Emma Thompson as the prickly author who fought Disney on every detail. And that still didn’t tell the whole story of just what a curmudgeon Travers could be.

Here’s a selection of quotes by P.L. Travers, a complicated woman and talented writer: Read More→

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