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Grace Paley Quotes on Reading, Writing, and Living

Grace Paley‘s literary career encompassed writing about the experiences of women, Jewish life, and teaching at various universities. She was also a poet and received multiple honors for her artistic talent despite not having a college degree.

Grace Paley: The Collected Stories (2007) encapsulates her style, noting her “quirky, boisterous characters and rich use of language,” and goes on to say:“Grace Paley’s stories are united by her signature interweaving of personal and political truths, by her extraordinary capacity for empathy, and by her pointed, funny depiction of the small and large events that make up city life.

Her work involving political matters involved the founding of the Jewish Women’s Committee to End the Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and encompass anti-racism, anti-militarism and anti-sexism. Here are some of Grace Paley’s quotes on reading, writing, and living: Read More→

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