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Wyoming Summer by Mary O’Hara (1963)

From the original review of Wyoming Summer by Mary O’Hara in The Fresno Bee (CA), April, 1963:  From diaries based on the 10 years spent with her second husband at their Wyoming ranch — and out of which came her famous stories, My Friend Flicka and Thunderhead .

Mary O’Hara now gives us in journal form an account of a typical summer. In describing that life, Mary O’Hara reveals much of herself: Read More→

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To George Sand: A Desire by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The 1853 poem “To George Sand: A Desire” was a tribute by poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning to French author Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin, better known by her pen name, George Sand. When this poem was published, Sand was nearly 50 years old (born in 1804), just two years older than Barrett Browning. But the poet considered Sand a model for boldness in writing and living.

The poem acknowledges Sand’s dual nature, and how she managed to wed intellect and emotion in her writings. Elizabeth Barrett Browning purposefully attributed brains to the feminine in Sand, and heart to the masculine, upending gender stereotypes. Read More→

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