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My Brilliant Career (1979 film)

The 1979 movie My Brilliant Career was largely true to the novel of the same name, the first by Australian author Miles Franklin (1897 – 1954) It was published in 1901, when the author was in her early twenties, though it was written while she was still in her teens.

The novel’s protagonist, Sybilla Melvyn, is a headstrong, creative young woman who fights convention, wishing to assert her independence and become a writer.

Starring Judy Davis and Sam Neill, and directed by Gillian Armstrong, the film enjoyed positive reviews and won a number of awards. Here is one such review that appeared after its American release. Read More→

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Those Without Shadows by Françoise Sagan (1957)

From the 1957 E.P. Dutton Edition of Those Without Shadows by Françoise Sagan: Bonjour Tristesse and A Certain Smile, Françoise Sagan’s first two novels, made literary history because of the youth and amorality of their heroines and the elegant excellence of the writing.

Now in this brilliant third novel (originally published in French as Dans un Mois, Dans un An)the exciting young author explores with the same precision but with added warmth and authority the wayward hearts of a circle of sophisticated Parisians. Read More→

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