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The Biggest Myth About Jane Austen’s Writing Life

The biggest myth about Jane Austen’s writing life that she was ashamed of her work and hid her manuscripts as she worked on them. This is patently untrue, which we’ll see in the evidence to the contrary.

Can we ever have enough of Jane Austen? From the search for the modern Mr. Darcy (think Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Diary) to the appropriation of her iconic narratives (Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters) to fan-fiction sequels (Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife), to using the books themselves as a device for telling a contemporary story (The Jane Austen Book Club), there seems to be no such thing as Too Much Jane.

Although it must be said, other than Bridget Jones’s Diary, these other titles were fairly slammed by readers. And that’s just considering books — counting all the film and TV adaptations of her novels is a topic in and of itself. Read More→

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