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How Louisa May Alcott Came to Write Little Women

“Overnight sensations”—authors whose first books are smash successes—are a rarity, if they exist at all; for even a stellar first effort is most often preceded by years of false starts, sweat, and toil that become invisible once the book is perched on the bestseller list. What’s more common resembles Louisa May Alcott’s experience—years or decades of steady effort until success seems to “suddenly” arrive.

That’s how it happened for Alcott with Little Women. As we’ve come to find out, she cranked out thrillers, gothic novels, plays, sketches, and more than eighty articles before penning her autobiographical (if highly idealized) novel. Read More→

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Short & Sweet Quotes by Colette

Colette (1873 – 1954), the noted French author, confidently expressed her experiences of femininity and sexuality through strong female eponymous characters like Claudine and Gigi. Following are some favorite short and sweet quotes by Colette.

When Colette broke away from her first husband, the nefarious Willy (who sought to control her life and work, and indeed, put his own name on her early writings) she reveled in her freedom.

For the remainder of her career, Colette wrote prolifically, producing many novels, and occasionally worked as a journalist. Her love life was the stuff of legend, as well. Read More→

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