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The 1926 Disappearance of Agatha Christie

Early on in her writing career, an incident in Agatha Christie’s personal life transformed her into a woman who could have been a character in one of her mysteries. Already a well-known author, she went missing for eleven days starting in early December of 1926, sparking a nationwide search.

At the time, Agatha was 36 years old, and had been married to Archie Christie since 1914. Though they were initially in love, their relationship was stormy from the start, and time proved that they weren’t a good match.

Some time before the disappearance incident, Archie had met Nancy Neele, and the two embarked on an affair. When he confessed the liaison to Agatha, the couple quarreled, and in a pique, Agatha took off in her car. Read More→

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