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A Peculiar Treasure by Edna Ferber (1939)

From the review of A Peculiar Treasure by Edna Ferber in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, February 12, 1939:  Edna Ferber‘s hallmark is a succession of successes, her attainment is the climb to the pedestal upon which she is recognized as one of America’s most proficient and intuitive novelists.

Her philosophy is always that of the typical, middle-class Jew whose faith is American democracy. Edna Ferber comes down to us today in autobiographical form to capture again the pulse of a reading public avid for her understanding and again to pluck upon the heartstrings of a nation she knows so well.

A powerful yet simple autobiography

For the first time the Edna Ferber of Show Boat, Cimarron, So Big, American Beauty, of Pulitzer Prize mention, fashions her own life in a style powerfully simple and inimitably sturdy and discreet. She calls it A Peculiar Treasure.

And while there is much more that she could have explained but confesses she didn’t care to, while she has yet to reveal Edna Ferber in entirety, the author has given us another stirring romance–the life of an artist and her era portrayed with the same commendable objectivity she uses to probe storybook character.

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Edna Ferber Young
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