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Edna Ferber, a Forgotten Author Revisited

Edna Ferber’s literary works are less known today than those of the other classic women authors of her era, but she was prolific and widely read in her time. She was strong and savvy, and despite her relative obscurity today, wildly successful. 

Ferber’s reputation was cemented with So Big (1924), a novel that was not only a best seller, but which won the 1924 Pulitzer Prize. Popular writers rarely enjoy critical acclaim, but in her case, the critics were generally kind, even as her subsequent work became less literary and more mainstream. Read More→

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Based Upon the Book: An Interview with Charlotte Brontë

It seems only fair that Charlotte Brontë, author of the beloved novel Jane Eyre (and others), which seems subject to continued film adaptations and which will be in print for time immemorial, should have her say. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve conducted an interview with Charlotte Brontë; that she’s been dead since 1855 is a mere technicality.

Truthfully, her first-person narratives provide incisive answers, needing only someone (that would be me) to ask hypothetical, yet pertinent questions: Read More→

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