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“A Haunted House” by Virginia Woolf (full text)

“A Haunted House” by Virginia Woolf was published in her first collection of short fiction, Monday or Tuesday (1921). It later appeared as the lead story another collection of the authors stories, A Haunted House and Other Short Stories (1944), after Woolf’s death. Here we present the text in full. 

First, here are a pair of analyses of this classic short story.

Interesting Literature: “‘A Haunted House’ by Virginia Woolf both is and is not a ghost story. In less than two pages of prose, Woolf explores, summons, and subverts the conventions of the ghost story, offering a modernist take on the genre … In summary, the narrator describes the house where she and her partner live. Whenever you wake in the house, you hear noises: a door shutting, and the sound of a ‘ghostly couple’ wandering from room to room in the house.”  Read More→

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