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Illustrations from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Louisa May Alcott’s best known novel, Little Women, was an “overnight success” for its author, who had put in years of effort before success seemed to “suddenly” arrive. She cranked out thrillers, gothic novels, plays, sketches, and more than eighty articles before penning the autobiographical (if highly idealized) novel that cemented her name and reputation for time immemorial.

To think how reluctant she was to write this “girl’s story.” But once it was in print and making its readers happy, even she was sold on it. Read More→

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Agatha Christie Postage Stamps, 1996 – 2016

You know an author has become a cultural icon when they’re depicted on a postage stamp (or set of stamps). Here’s a selection of beautiful Agatha Christie postage stamps from around the world.

Stamps about Christie, alternately known as  the “Queen of Crime” or “Queen of Mystery,” are the subject of a triple-honor treatment, with her portrait gracing a number of stamps from various countries, along with her iconic characters and even her books. Let’s take a look: Read More→

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