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Mary McCarthy Quotes with a Critical Eye

Mary McCarthy (1912 – 1989) was an American novelist and political activist. She began her writing career as a critic, gaining respect for her observations on culture and politics. The Group (1954) was arguably her most popular novel — it sat on the New York Times bestseller list for two years and was made into a popular film

McCarthy’s novels and stories are part autobiography and part fiction, as she draws on her own experiences, traumas, and successes. That, along with her writing style, made her a respected  talent in the writing community. It’s an honest and critical eye that inform this selection of Mary McCarthy’s quotes. Read More→

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Biopic Films Inspired by Women Authors’ Lives

Lots of films have been made from novels by the classic women authors on this site, as you’ll see by linking to this site’s Filmography. But there are also a number of biopics about women authors themselves, the lives they led, and the stories they told.

What is it, do you supposed, that’s so fascinating about the life of a woman who writes? The films don’t focus on the act of writing for the most part — wouldn’t that be a yawner! Rather, they pay homage to the literary legacy they left behind in the form of their wonderful stories.

Some of these films take more literary license than others when it comes to the true facts of their subjects lives, but most can at least be an introduction to the author, her life, and work. Read More→

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