Solitude vs Self-Isolation: Women Authors and the Sacred Inner Space

Most artists and writers keep their inner space sacred and inviolate. It’s the core from where their creativity springs. Some keep their inner world more private than others. 

While plenty of male writers have suffered from (or have preferred) isolation, this musing will focus on well known female writers. Confinement periods can be an advantage for women writers, as their extra-curricular activities may  slow down.

Seeking solitude doesn’t make a writer antisocial. Perhaps periods of quarantines made it easier for writers to carve out specific periods of time where they can work in blissful solitude. A brief look at women authors of the past shows that self-imposed sequestration isn’t such a crazy thing to do, after all. Read More→

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13 Essential Works of Classic Feminist Fiction

Here are 13 essential works (according to Literary Ladies’ Guide1) of classic feminist fiction. Some of the books listed here were considered daring (and sometimes shocking) in their time. The courage and foresight of these creators granted the women who came after them the freedom to speak their truths and more readily see them in print.

These timeless classics have proven foundational for contemporary feminist novels. From Jane Eyre (1847), Charlotte Brontë’s gothic romance, through Octavia Butler’s Afro-futurist Parable of the Talents (1998), the books listed here feature heroines who continue to inspire and surprise. 

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Author Biographies

Following is a listing (alphabetically, by last name) of classic women authors’ biographies currently on this site. Please note that this site lists only women authors who are deceased. These are the women authors whose shoulders today’s writers stand on!

We’re continually adding authors to the site; you’ll find many more we haven’t yet posted. They’re on our wish list, which also details writer’s guidelines for those who may want to contribute biographies, or any other great content relating to classic women authors. Read More→

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12 Lesser-Known Classic Women Novelists Worth Rediscovering

 Here’s a sampling of classic women novelists whose books deserve to be rediscovered and read. On the subject of women writers worth rediscovering, the argument can be made that ninety percent of the authors on this site were once widely read, but have since fallen under the literary radar. 

Some of the authors highlighted on this site are still well known, both in academic realms and by the general public; some have never fallen by the wayside; others have indeed been rediscovered after falling into obscurity — Zora Neale Hurston is a prime example of the latter case.

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Must-Read Novellas by Classic Women Authors

If you’d like a taste of a classic author’s work but don’t have the time or patience to read a tome, consider the novella form. Here we’ll look at novellas by classic women authors that make great introductions to to their work. 

What defines a novella? It’s generally based on word count of between 17,000 and 40,000, though it isn’t always so cut and dry. The Awakening by Kate Chopin is often described as a novella, though as far as word count, it’s slightly outside that parameter. Read More→

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