Classic Women Authors and Their Dogs and Cats

Just like the rest of us, famed writers loved their furry companions. They bring comfort and joy in good times and bad. When it comes to the literary ladies, it seems like dog lovers outweigh the fans of cats by a comfortable margin, but feline fanciers have their say as well.

At right, we find the rare cat lover in the young and beautiful Margaret Mitchell. It’s not clear whether this is actually her cat, but it’s one of those photos you see everywhere. Read more about writers and their dogs in the review of the book Shaggy Muses. Following are more women authors with their dogs and cats. Read More→

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Virginia Woolf’s Suicide Note (1941)

Virginia Woolf (1882 – 1941) might have lived the ideal writing life were it not for her lifelong struggle with mental illness. But this wasn’t the only source of anguish.

Surrounded by brilliant intellectuals in the Bloomsbury circle, she was also nurtured and protected by her husband, Leonard Woolf.

Yet she was relentlessly self-critical, restless, and rarely satisfied with her literary efforts. Perhaps that was what drove her to greatness, on the other hand. Read More→

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