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10 Poems by Anne Sexton, Confessional Poet

Anne Sexton (1928 – 1974) proclaimed that she was “the only confessional poet” some time before committing suicide at the age of forty-five. Following is a sampling of 10 poems by Anne Sexton, as complex and talented an artist as they come.

Her good friend Sylvia Plath, whose poetry stands squarely in the realm of the confessional movement, might have taken issue with that. Anne felt a great kinship with Plath, and like her, often expressed a death wish in her poems.

From the time she started writing poetry as a way to recover from a mental breakdown, her writing and her inner life were joined. Anne likely suffered from bipolar disorder, then called manic depression. As she struggled to come to terms with her mental illness, her therapist suggested that she begin to write. Read More→

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