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 The Literary Ladies’ Guide to the Writing Life by Nava Atlas

The Literary Ladies' Guide to the Writing Life by Nava AtlasIn  The Literary Ladies’ Guide to the Writing Life, Nava Atlas explores the writing life through the journals, letters, and diaries of twelve celebrated women writers, including such renowned authors as Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, Madeleine L‘Engle, Anaïs Nin, George Sand, Edith Wharton, Virginia Woolf, and others.

Nava’s own insightful commentary lifts the curtain on these women’s lives and provides reassuring tips and advice on such subjects as dealing with rejection, money matters, and balancing family with the solitary writing process that will resonate with women writers in todays world. With 100+ vintage photos, illustrations, and ephemera, this book is a splendid gift book for writers.

Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande

Becoming a Writer by Dorothea BrandeEven in 1934, Dorothea Brande knew that most writers didn’t need another book on “technique” — and this, before so many more would be published. No, she realized, as John Gardner notes in his foreword, “the root problems of the writer are personality problems,” and thus her wise book is designed to simply help you get over yourself and start writing, with techniques ranging from a simple declaration to write every day at a fixed time — no matter what — to exercises that come close to inventing the TM and self-actualization movements that would follow a few decades later. Learn more about Becoming a Writer on


The Writing Life by Annie Dillard

The Writing Life by Annie DillardAnnie Dillard has spent a lot of time in remote, bare-bones shelters doing something she claims to hate: writing.

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