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Teaching Jane Eyre: A Professor’s Perspective

If you’re obscure, plain, poor and little, life may not be smooth and easy for you. You may have to bite wicked older cousins who want to torture you, defend yourself from a jealous aunt who wishes you were dead, you may have to survive long solitary hours locked in a scary red room, then to strive to keep yourself sane and alive in a bleak, heartless place like a school for poor girls,  you must accept to go on living without anybody caring for you or loving you … but, in the end, you’ll meet your hero, your Mr. Rochester and have your own reward.

He is not tender and handsome, maybe, but impetuous, fascinating, authoritative, mysterious, restless. Anyhow, he doesn’t trample on you, he doesn’t make you feel a nobody, he treats you as his equal and trusts you. Last but not least, he desires you passionately.

What if you discover on your wedding day that he has a mad wife in the attic and can’t marry you? No panic, hold on, you can make it. You’ll have to endure the awesome shock, run away and give up your dreams for a while, live among strangers you’ll  learn to love for about a year, but be sure,  at last,  you’ll have your reward, you’ll have your happy ending. Read More→

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