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Letty Fox: Her Luck by Christina Stead (1947) – a review

The Australian government refuse to import Letty Fox : Her Luck by native Aussie Christina Stead  (best known for The Man Who Loved Children) after this novel’s 1947 publication. It was declared “salacious” and “obscene.” A frank and witty coming of age story set between the Great Depression and World War II, this banned book didn’t meet much favor in the Australian press, either. Here’s one such review, which panned the novel thoroughly:

From the original review of Letty Fox: Her Luck in the Sydney Morning Herald, New South Wales, Australia, March 1947: Australian Christina Stead, in her eighth book, takes as her chief character Letty Fox, daughter of an actress mother and a charmingly shiftless father, and puts her through the hoops of indignantly self-justified immorality.

The Fox family, to which is allied the family of the Morgans by marriage, is a collection of eccentrics. So is the Morgan family. The two families apparently think of only two or three things: money comes first, then sex, then food, and having a good time. Read More→

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