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Dorothy Parker’s review of Ice Palace by Edna Ferber

It’s always fascinating to come upon  a review by one classic author of the work of another. In this case, Dorothy Parker’s review of Ice Palace by Edna Ferber, one of her behemoth later novels, gets the acid-penned treatment. Of the two authors, Parker is the one who has been more enduring; in their time, Ferber was one of the richest, most successful writers, something to which Parker hilariously eludes.

Parker was the book reviewer (Constant Reader) for The New Yorker for a number of years; later, she was the reviewer for Esquire, where this review was published. Keep in mind that when Ice Palace was published in 1957, Alaska was not yet a state (that would imminently happen in 1959). Read More→

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Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman: An Analysis

This analysis of Herland, the 1915 utopian novel by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is excerpted from an in-depth review on Exploring Feminisms.

Years ago, I bought Herland after reading The Awakening by Kate Chopin, craving that same satisfied woman-centered feeling that I was left with as I closed Chopin’s book.  As I read the first few pages of Gilman’s Utopian text about a land of only women, I noticed that it was from a man’s point of view and immediately lost interest. 

I had very little interest in a man’s perspective, even if it was written by a woman. Recently, Herland has been on my mind and decided to pick it up again. This time around, I decided to read the preface, which is what I hear adults do and was delighted to learn that it was satirical in nature. Within a first few pages, I was hooked and looking back, maybe at 21 I just wasn’t ready. Read More→

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