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Wise Quotes by Flannery O’Connor

Flannery O’Connor (1925 –  1964) was an American writer best known for her short stories. Though she lived a somewhat sheltered life, O’Connor’s work explored human nature, sometimes its darkest side, and others with razor wit. The religious overtones (she was a devout Catholic) were highly provocative and not appreciated by all, but she made a lasting impression in American literature. For one who did not reach the age of 40, she displayed a great deal of wisdom, as evidenced in her quotes on writing and life.

“I am a writer because writing is the thing I do best.”

“I write to discover what I know.”

“The way to despair is to refuse to have any kind of experience.”

“Not writing is a good deal worse than writing.” (The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O’Connor, 1978)

“Your criticism sounds to me as if you have read too many critical books and are too smart in an artificial, destructive, and very limited way.” (The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O’Connor, 1978)

“I come from a family where the only emotion respectable to show is irritation. In some this tendency produces hives, in others literature, in me both.” (The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O’Connor, 1978)

“I’m not afraid the book will be controversial, I’m afraid it will not be controversial.”

“The writer operates at a peculiar crossroads where time and place and eternity somehow meet. His problem is to find that location.”

“The Southerner is usually tolerant of those weaknesses that proceed from innocence.”

Flannery O'Connor

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“Anything that comes out of the South is going to be called grotesque by the northern reader, Read More→

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Philosophical Quotes by Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand (1905 – 1982) the Russian-born American author is known for having developed Objectivism, a philosophy that embraces laissez-faire capitalism and the pursuit of rational self-interest, to put it in a nutshell. Rand’s nonfiction and her novels, especially Atlas Shrugged (1957) weaves aspects of that philosophy into their ponderous plots. The contemporary political movement, Libertarianism, has roots in Objectivism.  Here are some philosophical quotes by Ayn Rand that illuminate her views.

“I am, therefore I think.” (Atlas Shrugged, 1957)

“The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it.” (Atlas Shrugged, 1957)

“Worry is a waste of emotional reserve.” (The Fountainhead, 1943)

“All work is an act of philosophy.” (Atlas Shrugged, 1957)

“An inventor is a man who asks ‘Why?’ of the universe and lets nothing stand between the answer and his mind.” (Atlas Shrugged, 1957)

“An attempt to achieve the good by force is like an attempt to provide a man with a picture gallery at the price of cutting out his eyes.” (Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, 1966)

“Every form of happiness is private. Our greatest moments are personal, self-motivated, not to be touched.” (The Fountainhead, 1943)

Ayn Rand

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“Anyone who fights for the future, lives in it today.” (The Romantic Manifesto, 1969)

“An artist reveals his naked soul in his work – and so, gentle reader, do you when you respond to it.”  Read More→

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Comforting Quotes by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867 – 1957) is best known for her Little House series of books for young readers, semi-autobiographical stories about growing up as an American pioneer. These books have brought joy and comfort to generations of readers. Even her quotes have a comforting quality:

“I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”

“Persons appear to us according to the light we throw upon them from our own minds.”

“The true way to live is to enjoy every moment as it passes, and surely it is in the everyday things around us that the beauty of life lies.” (Laura Ingalls Wilder, Farm Journalist: Writings from the Ozarks, 2007) Read More→

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Mary McCarthy Quotes with a Critical Eye

Mary McCarthy (1912 – 1989) was an American novelist and political activist. She began her writing career as a critic, gaining respect for her observations on culture and politics. It’s her honest and critical eye that inform this selection of quotes.

“When you have committed an action that you cannot bear to think about, that causes you to writhe in retrospect, do not seek to evade the memory: make yourself relive it, confront it repeatedly over and over, till finally, you will discover, through sheer repetition it loses its power to pain you. It works, I guarantee you, this sure-fire guilt-eradicator, like a homeopathic medicine — like in small doses applied to like. It works, but I am not sure that it is a good thing.” (How I Grew, 1987)

“In violence, we forget who we are.” (“Characters in Fiction,” Partisan Review, March, 1961) Read More→

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Brilliant Quotes by Doris Lessing

Doris Lessing was born in Persia, raised in Rhodesia and spent time in London. Her work is a mixture of science fiction and social issues including women’s interests, communism, mental health and eroticism. She was married young and began her career writing short stories and articles in magazines. She wrote her first and novel, The Grass is Singing in 1950 and had a literary breakthrough with The Golden Notebook (1962). Her brilliance runs through all her work; here are some quotes from her various works to prove the point:

“We are all of us made by war, twisted and warped by war, but we seem to forget it.”

“Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.”

“There is no doubt fiction makes a better job of the truth.” (Under My Skin, 1994) Read More→

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