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Contributed by Mary Jane Hathaway. Hello, fellow friends of Miss Jane! I’m so excited to be talking about my new book, Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits. Wait, did the blogger reader count just slip? I think I heard the sound of hundreds of people quietly clicking past this post. But why, dear ones?

I hear a brave soul in the back yelling out something about that title… I can’t quite catch it…

Blasphemy? How can cheese grits, that so lowly of the Southern dishes, possibly occur in the same title with Austen’s wit and genius?

Oh. I see. Well, let me explain.

I am beyond obsessed with Jane Austen. Obsession is for amateurs. Napoleon was obsessed with Josephine.  Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear for that girl whose name nobody can recall. None of them ended well because they were merely obsessed. (Okay, also a bit nutso, to be honest.) Austen fans sprint past obsession and head for the kind of clarity that comes from dedicating one’s entire life to the cause of all things Jane. Read More→

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