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beatrix potter

Beatrix Potter (July 28, 1866 – December 22, 1943) was a British author and illustrator of beloved children’s books. Her inspiration came from the nature and animals that surrounded her as a child and sprouted an imagination that would delight the world forever. Her extensive studies in art, literature, and science fueled her, as did her journal, where she kept ideas in her own coded language. Since she started drawing so young, she was able to perfect her craft by the time her work was to be published.

Influenced by fairy tales, fantasy, and religious imagery, Potter was able to sell her drawings to illustrate other writers’ work, and as illustrations for Christmas cards. When she found a home for The Tale of Peter Rabbit, both she and her publisher, F.W. Warne, were taken aback by its immediate popularity. Her illustrations and stories of whimsical animal characters are still a favorite today and can be found in the children’s section of any bookstore or library.

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  1. Thank you for posting a lovely summary of Beatrix Potter’s literary life. You would enjoy visiting with others in the Beatrix Potter Society both in the UK and USA at conferences or local gatherings. Hope you can join us!

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