Miles Franklin

Miles Franklin

Miles Franklin (October 14, 1879 – September 19, 1954), an Australian writer born Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin, began her career at a young age. Her best-known novel, My Brilliant Career, is the story of a teenage girl growing up in Australia who can’t wait to break free as her own person. The author was only 18 years old when she finished writing it. Although Australian publishers rejected it, it was published in Britain in 1901 under the name Miles Franklin.

She soon met and became close with members of the feminist movement, and in 1906 moved to the United States to work with the National Women’s Trade Union League of America.

While in the U.S., she wrote a number of drafts for later works, one of which, Up the Country, was published in 1928. It couldn’t have come at a better time. She and her family were struggling financially, as they were most of their lives, despite her literary successes. This book, and her next six were published under another alias, ‘Brent of Bin Bin.’

As with Miles Franklin, she wanted to keep her gender a secret from the public so she would be taken more seriously; though a friend had “outed” her as a woman in the introduction of My Brilliant Career. She won two Prior Memorial Prizes for her writing, one for the work, All That Swagger.

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